Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Spring is Here! Ladybugs!

April means two things to us: 1) the baseball season starts and 2) spring is here and summer will be here soon! Those of us in New York have been having quite a week in that first regard with the opening of Shea #2 and that other team's new digs. And today promises to be gorgeous and sunny, a tiny taste of warmth and picnics.

Keith Hernandez and Mookie Wilson! Awesome.


roopa said...

That is one of my favorite Sesame Street segments EVER. I totally remember seeing it when I was little and it's even better now!

roopa said...

Sorry for the double comment but have you seen this one? So cute.

Bear Silber said...

@roopa ME TOO!!! I love the ladybugs :)