Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So Much Food, So Little Stomach

Brownie and I were not going to miss the 2nd Annual Village Voice Choice Eats after seeing the food porn from last year, especially when over 50 restaurants were going to be featured. Some of the biggest restaurants in New York had signed up for booths: Momofuku? Check. Fatty Crab? Check. Porchetta? Check. But we didn't go for these, we went for the restaurants that aren't on our "to eat" list.

Mercadito Mango Guacamole
Mercadito was handing out mango guacamole with fresh, crispy chips. The guacamole was creamy and thick, and even though we got a huge slice of avocado, it was still enjoyable.

Peaches Market Braised Short Rib
Brownie was excited for Peaches Market, but made me eat their braised beef short ribs. Tender and juicy, I thoroughly enjoyed the ribs, but I still can't stand grits.

Kampuchea Chicken Wing
Kampuchea's Five-Spice Chicken Wings was another tender and juicy, if a little greasy, bite. But I can overlook grease if it's a deliciously spicy chicken wing that doesn't involve globs of sauce. I'd much rather eat these during the Super Bowl.

Am Thai's Laab, Curry Puff, & Jade Dumpling
AM-Thai Chili Basil Kitchen has finally given me a curry puff to eat. I've tried yellow curry many different ways, none of which I liked, but this curry puff has the right mix of spices. It wasn't overwhelmingly curry or puff, it's just the right ratio of both.

Mama's Mac and Cheese
Mama's Food Shop's macaroni and cheese gave us a good amount of needed creamy queso-therapy.

Eisenberg's Chopped Liver
Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop gave me my first taste of chopped liver on rye, a combination I'd been declining for the better part of 20+ years. It tasted like liver, that is gamey, but creamy and mousse-like.

Motorino Bomboloni
On the dessert side, Motorino didn't give out their pizza, they treated us to their insanely good raspberry, chocolate, and vanilla bombolonis. I had one of each, and plan on having more on Friday.

Smoke Joint's Bourbon Cupcake
Smoke Joint also brought on dessert in the form of their Bourbon Cupcakes, aka a little sweet bite of heaven.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
Van Leeuwen showed up and I got to eat my first little sundae of the season. Hopefully the trucks will be out and about this weekend!

Bonus non-food item: Brooklyn Kitchen inked me.

Of course, this isn't all, there's SOO much more. For more photos, click here. We'd like to take a second to thank Julie and Christina for having us!

179 Avenue B
(212) 529-6490

Peaches Market
393 Lewis Avenue
(718) 942-4162

Kampuchea Restaurant
78 Rivington Street
(212) 529-3901

AM-Thai Chili Basil Kitchen
359 McDonald Avenue

Mama's Food Shop
200 East 3rd Street
(212) 777-4425

Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop
174 Fifth Avenue
(212) 675-5096

319 Graham Avenue
(718) 599-8899

Smoke Joint
87 S. Elliott Place
(718) 797-1011

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
Trucks should be out soon, until then pick some up at stores throughout the Tri-State.

Brooklyn Kitchen
616 Lorimer Street
(718) 389-2982


Hungry said...

I had a feeling you guys would be there. I secretly wanted to meet you. Great pictures! Looks like you hit up most of the vendors. I had a great time too! Check out my posted pictures!

Danny said...

You don't like grits?! Have you been to the Redhead in the East Village? Really awesome grits with shrimp and sausage. They also give you a cookie when you're finished!


your photos are so much better than mine!

your recap too, really :)