Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Travels with Brownie: The Path of Tea, Houston, Texas

Path of Tea cupcakes
In February I had the chance to make my very first trip to Texas. Obviously I hit up barbecue and Tex Mex, but I couldn't leave the Lone Star State without indulging in any sweets. A quick pre-trip googling of Houston and cupcakes pointed me in the direction of a lovely little all organic tea house call The Path of Tea where I discovered a mean pot of Ginger Peach Tea and Chocolate Chai cupcakes...

Pot of Ginger Peach Tea from Path of Tea
The tea came in these cool modern teapots with a little warming candle underneath.

I sampled both the Chocolate Chai cupcake (I adore the idea of that combo) and the Red Velvet cupcake. Both were tasty, but the frosting was a bit sweet and I wouldn't have minded even more chai flavor in the chai cupcake. Still the cupcakes made for a nice complement to the warm pot of Peach Ginger tea which was so good and so fresh, it ranks up there in my top tea experiences anywhere.

Chocolate Chai Cupcake

The Path of Tea was recently voted Houston's Best Tea House. Check out their website for tea infused recipes. Alas the chocolate chai cupcake recipe is no where to be found.


The Path of Tea
2340 W. Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 252-4473‎

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