Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Travels with Brownie: Tostón de Platáno con Queso aka Plantain Pizza at Andre's Carne de Res

Plantain Pizza

It's hard to know how to begin to describe Andre's Carne de Res, a 1000+ seat eatery just outside of Bogotá. Imagine an enormous space, dripping with lights and covered knickknacks, and metalwork, and art. Now imagine that space was filled with roving actors dressed as anything from 1920s bathing beauties to plumbers of the Marioworld variety. Maybe I should talk about the multiple kitchens for the meat and frying? Or the wandering bands of singers? Words really aren't adequate to bring the experience of Andre's to life, but perhaps I'll have more success in describing the food. Oh, the food. Where to start? How about the platáno pizza...

Yes, indeedy, in Colombia you can find pizza with a fried plantain crust. Yum. This "pizza" was made with plenty of plantains pounded thin and fried up and then topped with cheese.


Platáno Pizza Awaiting Toppings


Platáno Pizza Upskirt--check out that thin crust!


Some "pizza" toppings--Chicharrón, I think I'm in love with you

Then on the side there were plenty of sauces and toppings to add, everything from chicharrón (aka fried pork skin), to beans, to aji, and guacamole. I highly recommend it with the chicharrón and aji. Delicious!

Andre's Carne de Res is located in Chia about 40 minutes outside of Bogotá. And for New Yorkers, Bogotá has never been easier to get to. Earlier this year Jet Blue opened a direct route from JFK to El Dorado and Delta also has a direct flight from JFK. ¡Vamanos!

Andre's Carne de Res
Calle 3 No 11a - 56 Chia, Colombia. (+57) 863 7880


Bear Silber said...

Wowahweewah....I want to do something like this in my place


i went to this place when i was in colombia last summer and it was amazzzzzzzzzzzing! best steak ive ever had. can't believe i didnt have the pizza!!!



Su-Lin said...

Those chicharróns would never ever see the surface of my pizza...just the dark pit that is my stomach.

Brownie said...

@bear: oh man. you totally should do something like this at your restaurant.

@nycdailydeals: I love this place! So cool that you visited, too! We started with the pizza and finished with ate plenty of meat and sides

Su-Lin: we had a whole extra side order of chicharróns and it was still hard for them to make it on the slice. ;)