Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cupcakes on a Truck, Roaming Around The City

We're big followers of New York's blooming food truck scene. It has yet to reach the size of some other cities, but we tend to like quality over quantity anyway. And the latest player in this game is Cupcake Stop aka the cupcake truck. Though the official debut isn't scheduled until next Wednesday, June 3rd. Brownie, Lawman, and I (and Cupcakes Take the Cake) sought him out during his preview.

Back of the Truck
First things first, thank God for my new phone. I am now connected to the internet 24/7; it's a double-edged sword that came into handy last Friday evening. Prior to dinner at BLT Burger, we checked Cupcake Stop's Twitter, knowing that they could possibly move from the announced 23rd Street location. All was well, they were still there so we ate. I checked their feed once more and there were no updates, so we headed on up, only stopping to do some summer shopping. We get to 23rd Street, lo and behold, the truck is gone. They're now down on 14th-where we started.

Luckily, they didn't move again before we got there. Since this is just a preview, they only had three cupcake flavors for the night, Red Velvet, Oreo, and Triple Chocolate. The cake of all three was very moist and flavorful, a good solid effort for only their second time out. It was especially surprising with the red velvet, a notorious offender in the dry cake category. Though theirs might not be better than Chickalicious, it's definitely above average. The Oreo cake had chunks of cookie baked inside, which I liked, and the triple chocolate was chocolaty to the max. Their frostings were above average too, if a little sweet for us. This is definitely a truck to watch, and it looks as though they will keep us on our toes with specials and flavors of the day. My only hope is they show some Midtown love.

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To find where Cupcake Stop is, you can check the website, cupcakestop.com, or their Twitter, twitter.com/CupcakeStop, or their Facebook.

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