Monday, May 4, 2009

Even The Ice Cream Man Gets Stuck in Traffic

Van Leeuwen Stuck in Traffic
Over the weekend, Stan and I headed to The Kills concert at Webster Hall. Sidenote: I highly recommend The Kills. I brought Mommsie's car into town, hoping for a fast getaway. The NYDOT had other plans for me though.

Van Leeuwen Stuck in Traffic
While stuck on Avenue A, I noticed a familiar butter yellow truck in front of me. Yes, a Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck was also trying to get over the Williamsburg! I almost jumped out to ask for a cone, we weren't moving anywhere anyway, but Stan is a Debbie Downer and advised against it. Van Leeuwen and I stayed head-to-head until Williamsburg, when he headed home.


Bear Silber said...

Haha, too funny :)

My 19 year old brother and his friends just bought from the ice cream man yesterday. It was the highlight of their day, they wouldn't stop talking about how cool it was.

Dazy said...

Once me and my colleague had a chance to have Swiss premium ice creams, two scoops of Movenpick ice creams of our choice. They were simply soothing. This is something one can’t afford to miss. You scream, I scream for Ice Cream!!