Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Fast Bar Where You Can't Move Too Fast

Wall of Wine
Saturday night, date night with Stan ended at Bar Veloce-fast bar in Italian. I had heard good things about these wine and panini spots and always thought of stopping by one, but never quite making it. On the other hand, Stan frequents such spots, and knew the delicious Italian flavor Bar Veloce has to offer.

Of course, we each got wine. I went with a Sauvignon Blanc, while Stan decided on a Vareij. Both were top-quality, good legs, fruity and lively. And most importantly complemented the food.

Chickpeas Brushetta
We ended up getting two bruschette: the chickpeas with fresh herbs and black olives, and the cherry tomatoes with ricotta salata, black olives and oregano. The chickpeas were perfectly seasoned, just firm enough, and not drenched with olive oil. The black olives added to the Mediterranean taste without excess saltiness. The entire dish tasted light and fresh, a wonderful dish for spring date nights.

Cherry Tomato Brushetta
The cherry tomatoes bruschetta had the same wonderful Mediterranean effect. The sweetness from the tomatoes, the creaminess from the ricotta, and the flavor of the olives all tasted perfect. Not mind-blowing, but a good simple dish done right.

Tomato Panini
Lastly, we split a tomato, mozzarella, basil pesto panini. Again, nothing unique, but when done right, completely delicious, and this was. Everything came together, nothing overwhelming the others. The panini segments held up well, with a good crunch.

Narrow Quarters
My only problem with Bar Veloce was the incredibly small space, making your way through the bar proved a little hard with a large crowd. This problem appears to be only at the East Village locale. You also want to know about the buzzer from the restroom; I didn't and pulled on the door handle until a barkeep took pity on my poor embarrassed soul.

This is the perfect spot for a cheap, romantic date, or a nice stop for a quick snack and good glass of wine.

Bar Veloce
Three locations in Manhattan: East Village, Chelsea, and SoHo-click here.


Yvo Sin said...

Love Veloce's SoHo location but the E.Vill not so much... always too crowded for me. But next door is Bar Carrera which recently expanded and has lots of yummy nibbles too! (except it's all Spanish wines and I am still on shaky ground with my Spanish wines... decisions, decisions!) :) Food looks lovely!

Danny said...

Mmm... that sounds pretty good. I need to go try this place even though that crowded small space looks a bit daunting.