Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Finally Ices Time!

Red Raspberry Ice
We're not talking those saccharine, syrupy ices you get in the supermarket, we're talking the smooth, flavorful Italian corner store type. Recently I received word of a REALLY good ice place in Bayside, something that would knock all the others out the water. Or ice.

Pesso's Italian Ice
Upon my first visit to Pesso's, it was immediately after a long spring walk and I didn't have my camera, but I can tell you that Silly and I were blown away. The storefront has been around for years, it was a change of ownership a few years ago that brought new recipes. The Italian ice is soft and smooth which is hard to find in my area-most of the ices are hard with large ice crystals. The cream ice is creamy and smooth too, and entirely delicious. I wish cream ice would catch on in more places. But the quality of the ices wasn't the only thing we were amazed by, the list of flavors is out of control. They have the regular flavors, but they also have crazy exotic ones: ice café ice, peanut butter & jelly cream ice, mango gelato, etc. It was evident that I would have to return to test some of these out. My first return trip included the red raspberry and blueberry ices above. Fruity, sweet, and light, this combo was the perfect ending to a hot spring day.

Cake Batter and Cookies N' Cream Ice Cream
For another trip, I took my nephew who got the cookies 'n cream and cake batter ice cream in a cone. Creamy and rich, this ice cream was luxurious and a definite treat, and notably better than any in my neck of the woods.

Elvis Cream Ice
My decision was the Elvis cream ice, a chocolate base with peanut butter and banana, the only thing it is missing is bacon. Even though it's sans bacon, it's still delicious and would make its namesake proud.

203-20 35th Avenue, on the corner of 204th Street
Bayside, Queens
(718) 224-9130


Anonymous said...

How does it compare to Ralph's in Williamsburg?

Siobhan said...

I don't know. I will check out Ralph's next time I'm in Williamsburg and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ralph's is a franchise chain, and all of the ices are mass produced. Ices from one Ralph's taste identical to ices from another Ralph's.
You have one, you've had 'em all.

Angela said...

I love cream ices - so much better than the water ices! Blondie, you didn't tell me that they have cream ices too! I am so dragging my boyfriend there! :)

Angela said...

Ughh and I just drove by them tonight on the way to jackson hole! I thought of you when I saw it too!!

Sarah said...

i went in yesterday and tried their two new ice flavors, banana royale cream ice and frozen hot chocolate cream ice. Oh My God. simply perfection. i want to skip all meals and go straight to desert's from now on! Desert from Pesso's of course!