Friday, May 29, 2009

Revisiting Sapporo for Ramen

Sapporo Vegetable Ramen

Last April, I was a very different person. And by very different I mean, someone who didn't crave ramen once, twice, thrice weekly. The thing about photographing most of the food you eat is you can go back and see, wow I've had ramen four times this month at four different places. That alone is a 300% increase from my ramen '08 consumption when Blondie and I first hit up Sapporo in midtown...

Last night as I was working into the wee hours and beginning to fade from lack of nutrients, the inevitable ramen craving kicked in. Knowing that I wasn't in any position to call it a night I decided to mosey on over to Sapporo for a restorative bowl of soup.

I wish I could say that I went for that delicious, veggie filled bowl of soup above, but that was my friend Erin's dinner. I opted for the Sapporo Special Ramen ($8.50) which came with sliced pork, ground pork, spinach, corn, fishcakes and of course plenty of noodles.

Sapporo Special Ramen

Last year I was down on the sodium factor, but now I embrace it. Everything else I eat is fairly low on salt, so bring it ON! The corn was sweet and made for a really nice contrast with the saltiness of the broth and the tenderness of the fresh spinach, kind of made me wish I got a soup with more veggies. Ok, the sliced pork isn't of the Berkshire variety that you might find downtown, but the soup is good, really, filling (I should have taking a picture of the giant ball of noodles that I couldn't finish). At under $10 for a bowl that could last you 2 meals, it's definitely a bargain. I'm officially upgrading Sapporo to a buy.

Sapporo Restaurant
152 W 49th St
New York, NY 10019
(212) 869-8972‎
Take the N/R/W to 49th Street, exiting out onto 49th Street

For the record, Brownie's May Ramen Consumption in Photos...

Special Ramen from Ippudo

Special Ramen from Ippuddo, May 13th

ZuZu Green Curry Ramen

Green Curry Miso Ramen from Zuzu, May 17th

Ramen from Kenka, St. Marks

Ramen from Kenka on St. Mark's, May 21st

Sapporo Special Ramen

Sapporo Special Ramen, May 28th


Unknown said...

I had Sapporo once, and was fairly unimpressed. Check out Minca if you're ever in the EV. It's easily the best ramen in the city.

May Kasahara said...

I LOVE sapporo but I only get their tan tan men and the chahan.