Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Healthy Food: Is There Nothing Sacred?!

Cookie Monster's Healthy Food rap still holds nostalgia for this child of the 80s. So imagine my dismay at discovering that in recent years Cookie revisited his classic...and killed it. And Cookie didn't so much kill it softly--though Wyclef Jean was involved--he brutally destroyed his masterpiece. It was like Lucas going back to Star Wars. Some things are just better off left alone. But I'll let you see the atrocity for yourself...

Sorry Wyclef, but you're no veggie fly girl.


Bear Silber said... good. But does meat HAVE to be included to be a "healthy dude"?

eyescream said...

No singing loaf of bread?? Man. the singing vegetables look pretty weak in this one that a sweet potato??

This version sucks! Wyclef doesnt help at all!

Katie said...

Do I risk sounding like my parents when I say 'I remember this the first time around, the originals are always the best!'