Friday, May 22, 2009

Taking on the Treats Truck, One Treat at a Time: Chocolate Chip Brownie

Chocolate Chip Brownie
Our lives have been crazy lately, the type of busy where you get to the weekend before you even realize Monday is over. This means we're having a hard time seeing each other over treats! And that's just unacceptable. We did manage to share one recently, one I bought at lunch and saved until we could camp out in her office in the late evening-an evening that needed chocolate.

And Kim's chocolate chip brownie did the trick. Her brownies lie right in the middle of super fudgey, nearly unbaked brownie, and cakey, nearly overdone brownies. The chocolate quotient is pretty high too. Normally, both of us want something with a little more than just chocolate, but sometimes all you need is a good brownie.

Keep informed of the truck's location by calling (212) 691-5226, checking their Twitter, or visiting

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Gar said...

Kim (also my name, hehe) is so sweet! Her truck was in Midtown today and I bought some sweets from her! I got the special mint chocolate cookie and the sugar dot. I wish I was rich enough to buy more, but at last, this is only an occasional treat for moi. Then by chance, I saw the Dessert Truck passed by! Which truck do you prefer and what are your favorites? (I know it's difficult to pick one, so pick a few :) )

kristina said...

Have you tried the Cupcake Truck yet? I just saw a post about it on Cupcakes Take The Cake. Looks worthy of a visit!