Friday, May 15, 2009

An Unhealthy Grilled Chicken, or The Mangostrawberry Mystery

Unhealthy Grilled Chicken
During last summer, I was the week's profiled Lunch'er on Midtown Lunch-in the comments, a mysterious figure from my past came forward calling itself "Mangostrawberry." Who is this person? What do they know? Are there pictures I should be worrying about? Would they eat fro-yo with me?

Unhealthy Grilled Chicken
Fast forward to early spring, a former classmate friended me on Facebook. I immediately noticed that she went by a peculiar name, apparently incognito. Could this be? Her and I caught up on my preferred social networking site, and made plans to have a lunchtime reunion by her Midtown office, at the 56th Street Tina's. At lunch, I got the unhealthy grilled chicken, a lightly toasted hero filled with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, and-here's comes the unhealthy part-POTATO STICKS!!! And smothered in mayo. It's crunchy, greasy, and delicious. I'm a firm believer in incorporating potato sticks into sandwiches.

Beef Stew and Tostones
She got the beef stew with fried plantains, promptly spiced up with the famous green sauce. It looked moist and tender, swathed in their sauce and stewed with green peppers. The tostones were great as always, the perfect little side dish to the food. As she ate this deliciousness, the truth came out. Yes, I was sitting across the table from the one, the only, Mangostrawberry!! And she can be trusted with the film evidence! And I will hopefully be going to her birthday dinner later on this week. Midtown Lunch-bringing old friends back together.

Tina's Cuban
23 West 56th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues
(212) 315-4313

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Adam Prato said...

I went to Tina's for the first time this past week, after 3 years of working on 57th st. I need to buy the green sauce in mass quantities. I want buffalo wings made with their green sauce...