Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When The Gray Lady Complains About Your Drink Choices....

In Case You Forget Where You Are
Last week, the NY Times ran an article on the lack of good beer at the new Yankee Stadium. When watching a ball game, beer is high of the list of important things to have. And with the prices at this new stadium, the Yankees are trying to appeal to the top-dollar spender. Shouldn't everything then be top-dollar?

Gate 6
Well, when it comes to the libations, the Yankees are a 6-4-3 double play boring. In the closing minutes of Friday afternoon, I was offered a seat that night's game. Being my freeloader self and needing a good night out, I was down regardless of where my true heart lies. And of course, this was going to be an opportunity to let you know their food options-for awesome official media coverage, check out SE:NY's review.

The Manhattan
Our first stop was the Jim Beam Suite Lounge, where I got a Manhattan, an $16 Manhattan. I don't know what's wrong with me. I liked it, plastic glassware and all, though I would have preferred something unusual like a Bronx.

Open Kitchen
At the back of the Jim Beam Lounge is the Food Network Kitchen serving a hodge-podge of items: pizza, angus burgers, and fish tacos? The pizza was sitting under cafeteria-esque heat lamps, and I wasn't in the mood for a burger or cold noodle bowl, so fish tacos it was.

Fish Tacos
And I have to say, they were a bit bland, not that I am a fish taco expert. I expected some overwhelming flavor, instead you mostly tasted the sauce and felt the crunchiness of the citrus slaw. These will be a pass from now on.

On the 300 level, where we were, there's a Brother Jimmy's BBQ outpost. No frickles here, just pulled pork sandwiches with vinegar and slaw on the side. The guy behind me was a bit upset that he couldn't get BBQ sauce.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
This sandwich was much more enjoyable than the tacos. The bread had a strange hardness that could have been from a little toasting, but I doubt it. The pork though was flavorful and the little bit of dryness was overcome by adding the vinegar.

Beer Prices
By this point, I was full and thoroughly enjoying the $10 souvenir cups of Miller Lite. Did I mention that Citifield has Brooklyn Brewery special edition beers for $6.75? Cheaper beer with better flavor, that's a think that needs to be thought, along with moving that right field wall.

Garlic Fries
There were a plethora of food options two levels down, including some fantastic smelling garlic fries I hope to get my hands on this season. For my complete set of photos, click here.

Yankee Stadium
The Bronx, NY


Bear Silber said...

You can't beat the garlic fries at AT&T park (Go Giants!)....I'm actually a Yankees fan, go figure :P

Danny said...

citi field sounds way better. haha. that brooklyn brewery special sounds really good right about now

Yvo Sin said...

When I first saw the photos, it actually hurt me physically. Then I realized 1- I'll be posting pics from PNC Park soon and 2- definitely posting pics from Yankee Stadium if I can break myself away from the game long enough - I'll be there June 13, yes that's right... SUBWAY SERIES BABY :)

Yvo Sin said...

PS Last night's game had me screaming at the TV... my goodness Delgado!
PPS Let's go Mets!!! :)