Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finding Elvis in the Wilds of Williamsburg

Even though the hipsters are running out of funds, Williamsburg's 'it' neighborhood status is not going anywhere. At least not while it's still hosting Craft Fairs with Renegades and Elvis sandwiches.

Donde esta la truck?
Yes, Elvis was alive and kicking in sandwich form this weekend. During midday Sunday, I stopped by Renegade Craft Fair in hopes of finally meeting Head Spy Jessie Oleson, and getting some shopping done. Oh, and to eat; eating's just what I do. My first food was an oatmeal jammy from Treats Truck. It was a bit unusual to see Kim outside of the truck, but the treat was still scrumptious.

Urban Rustic
Next to the Treats Truck was Urban Rustic, a neighborhood favorite. At first, I was going to stop by their booth for a pulled pork and some iced tea, but lucky for me, I wanted to check out the next booth. I didn't recognize the name which always warrants further investigation.

Lefty's Silver Cart
Lefty's Silver Cart? From what I can gather, they were visiting us from the Boston area. One look at the Elvis description and I KNEW I had to have it. I was the first customer to order the Elvis on Sunday so I did get extra Fluff, making me happy. It was a very filling sandwich with a healthy disguise, and dipping the edges in Fluff made me feel like a kid. I think we're going to have to put Lefty's on the Boston food trip itinerary.

Elvis would be proud
And yes, I finally got to meet Jessie! She's so cute and wonderful, and helped me decide what present to buy Brownie-it involved Cuppie with a unicorn! For a great post and video from Cupcakes Take the Cake's Rachel's visit with Cakespy, click here and here.

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Jessie -- The Messie Kitchen said...

I LOVEEEE pb&b+fluff.. but I've never had it grilled... is it better this way?