Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hump Day Martinis and Cupcakes

Sweet Coopie?
The Silver Fox is turning 42 today. He's come such a long way since Channel 1 News aka second period homework time. There have been wars, there have been bombings, there has been my realization that we play for the same team, and apparently now there's a drink named after him which some random stranger posted on poles on Vanderbilt Avenue-a nod to his maternal family perhaps.

Last week, as I was desperately trying to make a quick exit out of town, I passed two taped up signs announcing the said cocktail. The signs have disappeared, and there is no talk on the interwebs, but know that I, Miss Blondie, will be making a Sweet Coopie "the coolest new drink" today in honor of the Coop, thinking of that day he passed me on 48th Street and I giggled like the Catholic school girl I once was.

Or maybe I'll bring him some birthday cupcakes from Cupcake Stop, the cupcake truck. Yes, Cupcake Stop's official opening is today and they are scheduled to be on 5th Avenue between 14th and 15th beginning at 10am. First 500 people will receive a free mini cupcake. Hopefully they will move up to 23rd Street between 5pm and 6pm. Check their Twitter for live updates.

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Angela P said...

GASP - AC passed you on the street?? SO jealous! My friend giggled too when LL Cool J was in Crate & Barrel when we worked there...