Thursday, June 18, 2009

Katchkie Farm Comes to the Port Authority!

Katchkie Farms Menu
It's a well known fact that I hate the Port Authority with the fire of a thousand suns. Where to start? The pushing, the shoving, the slow walkers, the stairway hogs, the multiple buildings, the bus smell...Any time that we have to travel from the Port Authority Lawman knows it's best to placate me with tasty food. Which is why I was excited to learn that starting today tasty food is coming to the Port Authority via the good folks at Katchkie Farm and Great Performances...

Katchkie Farm is a staple of the Rock Center Farmer's Market when it's in full swing and their stand is a great place to pick up a sandwich and soup for lunch and some organic produce for dinner.

Every Thursday starting today from 8:00am until 6:00pm Katchkie Farm will be open for business at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. They plan on featuring their branded Katchkie Farm products (Katchkie Ketchup, Thunder Pickles, Pickled Beets), fresh Katchkie Farm produce and artisanal sandwiches created by Great Performances’ chefs.

Farmers Market Grilled Veggie Sandwich
I hope as more veggies come into season their delicious ratatouille will make it on the menu for the Port Authority. Fresh, healthy and delicious, it's my idea of a perfect summer lunch.

Farmers Market Ratatouille

Port Authority Green Market
North Wing, Main Concourse
Eighth Avenue and 42nd Street

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