Monday, June 22, 2009

Please Note Where the Emergency Exits are Located

Front part
As I let you know last week, Southwest Airlines has teamed up with 'wichcraft, and opened The Southwest Porch on the SW corner of Bryant Park. I was able to stop by for some lunch during their grand opening last Friday, while they were entertaining students from MS 8, the Jamaica, Queens school Southwest is partnered with for the Middle School Mentors initiative.

Friday with its warm sunshine ended up being the perfect lunch out day too; it actually felt like summer was coming. The menu isn't very extensive, only four sandwiches to chose from, and three snacks. The same goes for the drinks menu where it was good to see that they're using Six Point and Blue Point brews.

We ended up going nonalcoholic, airplane water for me, sodas for the others.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich
Debra and I went for the soft shell crab sandwich. It was fresh, a little crunchy, slightly greasy, and amazing. I was actually impressed by the quality of the bread, as well as the crab. At the price, I don't see myself getting it every Friday this summer, but I wouldn't say no if offered it.

Southwestern Pork Sandwich
Our friend got the southwestern pork sandwich, which was devoured. The avocado was fresh, the pork delicious. The mayo could be applied a little better, it sort of looks slapped on like an afterthought.

All three sandwiches are a little messy, so make sure your waiter brings you napkins. Also, they aren't charging tax making the tip a little harder to figure out-I'm of the double the tax school. Though we were surrounded by kids, the location is enjoyable. On the park side of the porch has public furniture, making a picnic lunch possible.

After Hours
After hours, almost all the furniture is open for public use. I don't think everything will stay this clean for the entire summer, making this a must-do only for the next week or so. After the holiday, it could get a little dicey.

The Southwest Porch opens June 19th
Bryant Park 40th St and 6th Ave corner (aka Street-Meat-Palooza Corner)
Open 5pm to 9pm Monday to Thursday; noon to 4pm on Fridays until mid-September

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Yvo Sin said...

Hmmm... you mention 'at that price' it won't be a regular feature in your lunch rotation, but how much WAS it? :)