Friday, June 12, 2009

Street Sweets is Rockin' Some Excellent Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcake from Street Sweets

Attention Red Velvet fans: there's a new Velvet in town and it comes on a truck. The Street Sweets truck, that is. Yes, Street Sweets has brought One Girl Cookie's excellent Red Velvet Cupcakes to midtown...

Midtown has a few red velvet cupcake options, but the ones from the Street Sweets trucks are the best I've had so far, handily beating out Magnolia's too dry Red Velvets and the too expensive Red Velvet cupcakes from Dean and Deluca.

The cream cheese frosting here is sweet but it had a nice tangy finish. And the cake was moist yet toothsome with just the right amount of cocoa. Certifiably delicious. I'll definitely be getting these again.

Street Sweets Menu

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Speaking of One Girl Cookie, if you don't have access to Street Sweets in Midtown, One Girl is now offering their red velvet cupcakes as a cupcake special on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays at their Brooklyn store. There full specialty cupcake schedule is below

One Girl Cookie Cupcake Schedule:
Monday: red velvet with cream cheese frosting
Tuesday: lemon with coconut buttercream
Wednesday: chocolate with mocha buttercream
Thursday: carrot with cream cheese frosting
Friday: red velvet with cream cheese frosting
Saturday: red velvet again
(because it's that good)
Sunday: carrot with cream cheese frosting


Cakespy said...

Oh my god, that frosting is so alluring! Those little dollops just beg to be eaten right off.

Unknown said...

How do you get it out of that weird cardboard contraption?

Anonymous said...

I had one on Monday... good flavor, but it wasn't soft or moist and seemed over-baked. Perhaps a fluke? It does seem like it could be a really great cupcake.

Anonymous said...

I tried one on Thursday - it was good but not great. The frosting to cake ratio was very low (less than in the picture), and the cake was just a bit dry.