Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BBQ without a BBQ

Pulled Pork Sandwich
My family has a barbecue, but I'll admit to the fact that I don't know how to turn it on. It's gas, there are knobs involved, I have a fear of a propane tank explosion, it's all very silly, yet all very real. So what was I to do fiending for homemade pulled pork? Slow and low, and some liquid smoke.

The last time I tried my hand at roasting meat, the ribs turned out pretty awesome. It was time to try something harder, like a five pound pork butt. Amazingly, it's hard to find bone-in pork butt, much less boneless, which is what my original recipe called for. The deviation didn't hurt the final outcome though. First, I did a two hour brining with salt, sugar and the liquid smoke. Having never used liquid smoke before, I was unprepared for the pleasant smell it has.

After Roasting
Then, like any good meat preparation, there was the rub. The first rub was a combination of mustard and liquid smoke, then I followed up with a spice mixture. I placed my pork in an aluminum tent and into the 325 degree oven it went. Three hours later, I removed my tent. A hour and a half after that, my pork butt was done.

Mmm, Pulled Pork
After a short rest, the pulling began. The entire butt was broken down and slathered in my favorite sauce. And then Big Bobo, his friend, Mommsie, and I ate all the pork. It was delicious, tender, and hit the spot! I definitely need to roast pigs more often.

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