Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is Packing Grape Nuts!

Grape Nuts Topped Ice Cream from Big Gay Ice Cream
Soft serve vanilla ice cream topped with crunchy Grape Nuts cereal is my kind of awesome. When I saw that Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has been packing the classic malted cereal in their toppings arsenal, I knew it was my duty as a New Englander to have some for lunch yesterday...

Grape Nuts Topped Ice Cream from Big Gay Ice Cream

Delicious. I love the malty, nuttiness of Grape Nuts. I'll eat them for breakfast hot or cold. I'll have them as a snack over vanilla yogurt or as dessert in ice cream or pudding form. If you like Grape Nuts Ice Cream, but wish that the Grape Nuts stayed crunchy, this is most definitely for you.

For location and toppings check out The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's twitter.


Elaine said...

Wow, you guys are really hooked on this truck!

Paulie Gee said...

You may be interested to know that when I open my pizzeria, I'll be selling Greatnut ice cream (amongst other flavors) from this place:


Paulie Gee

iheartdessert said...

Wow! I wish we had this in LA! Looks so good!

Brownie said...

@Elaine: totally hooked. :)

@PaulieGee: Sweeeet!

@iheartdessert: And I'm jealous of your Kogi truck access!

Big B said...

I used to have Grape Nuts on my ice cream all the time in junior high and high school. Not sure what inspired me, my parents never tried it. So good and crunchy!

James said...

Look up Grape Nuts on this list:

Grape nuts have a higher glycemic index than Coke.