Friday, July 17, 2009

Black & Tans and Tater Tots

Today is the very last day to catch the Midtown deal of the week, the Midtown Lunch Special at HB Burger. And after reading about mashed potato-esque, hash brown-like tater tots, Debra and I were definitely going here for a long lunch. A burger and tots for $9.95, how could we not?

My Black & Tan
Oh, yesterday was one of those days where I needed a long, libation-filled lunch by about 9:10am. Regular workplace craziness led to us getting to HB Burger at the prime Midtown lunch hour, one o'clock. The place was packed, the servers were harried, but there was still a spot or two left for two pretty ladies. Our server took a while to get to us, but we knew what we wanted-booze and burgers. During ordering, I remembered that the free toppings are still free for the combo, and we both partook in this, Debra with grilled onions and pickles and I with sauteed onions. Both of us HAD to get the tater tots. And we waited some more.

Black Velvet
Finally a Black & Tan, pale ale and stout, and a (Poor Man's) Black Velvet, cider and stout, arrived, and our afternoons looked much more enjoyable. I will say that both drinks weren't truly half and half; instead it was closer to 75% stout, 25% ale or cider. And we waited again.

Her Burger
Some twenty minutes later, our food arrived. It was hot and freshly made, definitely not forgotten about which is a plus after such a long wait. I enjoyed my burger; it's juicy and a little greasy, and some very flavorful meat. The good sized bun did a good job of soaking up some of the juices. I did wish for a bit more pink inside, and both our burgers fell apart about three-quarters of the way through. Regardless, I'd eat this again (maybe today!) without a second thought.

The tater tots were entire other experience. Our were steaming hot, crunchy, and salted, perhaps the management read Zach's not-so-great experience? We both tasted the cheese and bacon on the inside of these fried mashed potato tots. In short, awesome. I have to bring Brownie here for these tots. If I hadn't just eaten the better part of a cheeseburger, and had a simply amazing meal the night prior-more next week on that-I would have eaten each and every one, despite the fact that we were supposed to be back in the office ten minutes ago.

HB Burger
127 West 43rd Street, btn. 6th Avenue and Broadway
(212) 575-5848

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