Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blondie's Libations: Stoli and Sunshine in the Hamptons

Stoli Oranj
Like I told you earlier this week, I was given the chance to hang out with Thrillist.com when they celebrated the launch of Thrillist Hamptons this past weekend. Of course, the party was held at the latest "see and be seen" spot, the Day & Night Beach Club. And, just like every other weekend in my life, the booze started flowing early.

The party bus left the city at 11:30am sharp-once everyone was tucked away with a gift bag and a drink. On the bus out there we had the chance to preview the new Comedy Central show Michael & Michael Have Issues. I'm pretty sure we viewed the pilot, as the punch lines needed some fleshing out. The people surrounding Moniker and I were really friendly and super fun which was a definite plus.

The Pool
Once there the bus and an accompanying Hummer unloaded enough people to fill the pool area of Day & Night. We had a drink, surveyed the scene, met a few people, before looking at each other and simultaneously saying "I've got the hungers." Luckily for us, they also serve food and there was an open cabana for us. What can I say? Moniker and I are more lounge in a cabana than splash in a pool; we did in Vegas, we'll do it in the Hamptons too.

Fraise Royale
Getting out of the sun also meant getting non-vodka drinks, namely my sangria with Sauvignon Blanc and Cognac, and Moniker's Fraise Royale with Creme de Fraise and Champagne. Both were nice summer drinks-fruity and sweet, more lady than girly.

Bacon Burger
For the much needed sustenance, she picked the Avocado Bacon Burger. It came with this insanely long piece of bacon. I'm still not quite sure what that's about, but it's bacon and I have a hard time finding anything wrong with bacon.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
I chose the pulled pork on a brioche bun, and it was delicious. I believe the pork was in a vinegar-based sauce, and it had just the right amount of said sauce. Enough to taste, not so much that I made a mess of myself. All in all, the food, while very pricey for what it is, is delicious and good. Then again, when you're drunk and hungry a lot of things are good, like chocolate-covered french fries.

The Scene
Now the scene there was quite the scene. Many 4.5 liter bottles of rosé were spotted being drunk out of. The pool area got rowdy and wet very fast, more than one person was spotted fully clothed splashing around. And dancing occurred on any surface that could hold a beautiful person. Moniker and I popped around, sometimes over by the pool, sometimes under the cabana, almost all of the time avoiding the various cameras.

The club is actually the revamped inside pool area of an older, still functioning hotel. I was completely expecting to see something naughty through one of the open windows or doors, but no such luck. The juxtaposition of an outdoor pool club with a hotel reminded both of us of pool parties in Vegas and Miami, but with the Hamptons crowd. And an awesome time was had by all, and that's what really counts, right?

Thanks again, Flavie.

To see for yourself, check out Nick McGlynn's shots, Guest of a Guest, Kelly Samardak's take on the party, or my entire set.

Day & Night Restaurant Beach Club
281 County Road 39A
Southampton, NY
(631) 731-3309

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