Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cucina & Co Are Making Whoopie (Pies)

whoopie pies from Cucina & Co
It's no secret that I love Whoopie Pies. It pleases me to no end that this New England/Pennsylvania Dutch Treat is starting to make some inroads in the city and when I saw whoopies turn up at Cucina & Co I knew I had to give them a try...

The whoopie pies at Cucina are pretty large and by looks alone the cake part appears to have been baked in muffin top pan. Interesting technique for uniform production, but it doesn't allow the whoopie to get the nice domed top that I'm used to.

whoopie pies from Cucina & Co

The cake was very dense and a little dry. It definitely needed to be accompanied by a tall cold glass of milk. If you go after 4:00pm, as I did, you can take advantage of Cucina & Co's 50% off deal and score on of these monsters for $1.50 (regularly $3.00). These whoopie pies won't be taking the place of This Chick Bakes' Mint Whoopie Pies as my favorite in the city to date, if you're feeling cupcake fatigued (ahem, Adam Kuban) and need a cheap sugar rush at 4:00pm, these will do.

The first couple of times that I noticed these whoopie pies they were on display beside the other desserts, this time when I went looking for them they were hiding in the case with the chilled desserts. If you don't see them be sure to ask.
whoopie pies from Cucina & Co

Cucina & Co.
30 Rockefeller Center
Concourse Level
New York, NY 10020
212 332-7630


Bear Silber said...

I was going to bring up Adam's post.

Here's Jessie's:

PhillyGirl said...

As a PA girl, I can not stand by these "whoopie pies".. Maybe the batter was right, but baking them in muffin tins was all wrong..

Justin said...


Brownie said...

@phillygirl: I hear you. I miss the domed tops, too! The muffin pan is kind of brilliant for consistency and uniformity, but it does not make for a true whoopie!