Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Like Ice Cream in the Evening...

Vanilla Soft Serve Covered in Curried Toasted Coconut
The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck just keeps rolling out awesome toppings. Pumpkin butter. Ground wasabi peas. Peppermint syrup. MarieBelle Aztec Cocoa. Yesterday toasted coconut with curry caught my eye. Unfortunately, BGICT was down in Union Square. But thanks to the wonder of twitter, and especially the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker. I discovered that come afternoon the BGICT had moved to midtown...specifically 8th ave and 40th street. Still a bit far from my office. So I sent ice cream vibes out into the universe and by evening, like magic, BGICT was rolling my way...

Ok, maybe I've glossed over the fact that BGICT has been hitting midtown in the evening hours of late. Nevertheless, the vanilla soft serve coated in curried toasted coconut was certifiably delicious. At this year's Food Show I fell in love with the a curried coconut ice cream from Vosges. With lovely and toothsome coconut shavings toasted with just the right amount of curry BGICT's version did not disappoint.

For those of you who work late hours in midtown, this is definitely incentive to bust out of the office on a hot summer night.

Keep up with their whereabouts via twitter.

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J said...

That is the best looking thing I've ever seen.