Monday, July 13, 2009

Schnitzel and Things Hits the Road at Last


I first heard about Schnitzel and Things, one of the city's newest mobile food operations on Serious Eats. And since then I've been following their progress on twitter and Midtown Lunch. Last night I was thrilled to see that they were hitting the street for the first time and that they would be in Brooklyn. Huzzah! Schnitzel for dinner...


The Schnitzel Truck's menu includes all kinds of--what else--schnitzels. Pork, chicken, and cod schnitzel. Occasionally they will also have veal schnitzel as well. $7 buys you a schnitzel in the form of a sandwich on a ciabatta with a topping like pesto, roasted red pepper coulis, ginger, scallion and garlic relish, tarter sauce, lemon caper emulsion, cranberry sauce, mayo, ketchup or mustard. Upgrade to a platter for $9 and you get a schnitzel, your choice of topping, and a choice of 2 sides from the following list of Austrian potato salad, braised sauerkraut, cucumber salad, mesclun salad, beet and feta sala, and green lentil salad.

Schnitzel Truck Menu
Schnitzel Truck Menu

My friend the Prof and I split the pork schnitzel with roasted red pepper coulis, green lentil salad and beet and feta salad and the cod schnitzel with ginger, scallion and garlic relish, mesclun salad, and Austrian potato salad. And I washed it all down with an apple spritzer (apple juice plus seltzer, $2).

Cod Schnitzel from Schnitzel and Things

Cod Schnitzel with Austrian Potato Salad and Mesclun Salad

Pork Schnitzel from Schnitzel and Things

Pork schnitzel with Green Lentil salad and Beet and Feta Salad

The food was really excellent. It normally takes a lot to get me to spend $9 on a meal, especially from a cart, but the quality of the food from Schnitzel and Things is really a cut above.

The pork schnitzel was pounded super thin and barely fit in the take away container.

Pork Schnitzel from Schnitzel and Things

Both schnitzels were fried without being heavy or greasy. And I have to say that my pork schnitzel leftovers have held up in the fridge. Still tasty when cold. How many fried foods can you say that about?

Congrats to the Schnitzel Truck! They are hoping to hit the city this week. Fingers crossed for midtown!

Schnitzel and Things
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Danny said...

that pork schnitzel looks like it could feed a whole family. i have to keep an eye out for this next time!

Always Eating said...

thanks for the update. I really hope they stop in the Flatiron/Chelsea area during the week, could definitely use this as a lunch option.

avisualperson said...

yes, realize that the plastic container in the pictures are the big ones, 9" or 10" diamater, and not the standard smaller ones. big suckers! but, how did you like the beet salad and lentil salad? I found both to be awful.