Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vermont Cheesemaker's Festival + Murray's = Brillance

Cave of Cheeses
Who wants to eat cheese? We do. Who wants to eat cheese in Vermont? We do. Who wants to eat cheese in Vermont after having a chat with Liz Thorpe of Murray's Cheese? Um, yeah, that would be us.

In celebration of Vermont Cheesemakers Festival, Murray's Cheese has put together an awesome one-day outing for New York turophiles. During the "Red Jacket Red-Eye" you can take a bus filled with other cheese lovers up to Vermont, experience the Festival, meet Liz Thorpe, and then take a bus all the way back home nursing a cheese hangover. Sounds like a pretty impressive Sunday. All of this is going to happen on Sunday, August 23rd, and chances are these tickets, though they aren't cheap, are going to go fast. Just click here and buy one already.

Murray's Cheese
254 Bleecker Street (downtown end of Cornelia Street)
(888) MY-CHEEZ or (212) 243-3289
Grand Central Market
44th Street and Lexington Avenue


Yvo Sin said...

But the Mets are playing the Phillies that day and it's a late season game...
ah, who am I kidding *angry face

Unknown said...

If anyone can't make it, I'm looking for two tickets. Email me