Friday, July 31, 2009

We'll be at the Rock Center Greenmarket for Lunch

Katchkie Farms-Rock Center Farmers Market
And why have we waited two weeks to tell all of you about the Farm to Table meal? Well, because this week is the reopening of the Rockefeller Center Farmer's Market and our new favorite farm will be there today! If you're lucky, so will we, mayhaps eating some sandwiches and lasagna.

Lunch Special
Yesterday, I took a small detour prior to work and stopped by the Port Authority Farmer's Market to say hello, and pick up some goodies. They let me know that they now have a lunch special: get a Veggie or Turkey sandwich and a side for $8! I had both a Thunder Pickle AND the beet chips yesterday, and I can assure you both are incredible. The pickle was a dill sour, so sour my throat hurt a little after, and it smelled like briney, garlicky goodness. A few of my coworkers managed to get a beet chip before I downed the bag; now I know why they have one regular customer who keeps upping her supply (first it was one bag, then six, and yesterday morning she bought ten right in front of me!)

A new addition to their prepared food is the 100 Mile Lasagna, something I can't wait to try.

They had a good amount of veggies ready for the eating yesterday-I picked up some carrots-and they should be stocked today.

Rockefeller Center Greenmarket
Open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8am to 6pm
Through Early September

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