Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2nd Verse, Same as the First

První Novoměststký's Beer
The Brooklyn Cheese Experiment, and the Vendys aren't the only exciting events coming up in September. Oh no, we have a nine day celebration of beer is also occurring. That's right folk, the 2nd Annual New York Craft Beer Week is happening.

I missed most of NY Craft Beer Week last year, and I'm not doing it again! A plethora of events are scheduled throughout the city, with numerous events each day. They've got walks, dinners, pairings, lectures, loads of things to do with beer. And if you didn't win your NYC Beer Passport when you bought your Vendys ticket, they are still available for $35, online and at bars. It allows you discounts at bars and events during the celebration.

For more information on everything going on-the schedule is seriously insane, visit www.nycbeerweek.com.

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