Thursday, August 6, 2009

B&B Try the New Dark and Stormy Custard at the Shack

Dark and Stormy Custard from Shake Shack

Sometimes in the summer, I like to eat ice cream for lunch. And when I discovered that the Shake Shack was debuting their Dark and Stormy Custard this Tuesday, I knew what Blondie and I had lunch date in Madison Square Park...

The Dark 'N' Stormy Custard is based on Blondie's new favorite cocktail of the same name that's made from gingerbeer and dark rum. As we placed our order we chatted with the always friendly Shake Shack staff. The ladies behind the counter said this was the first time they had made the Dark 'N' Stormy and it was getting lots of raves from the staff. Multiple thumbs up were involved.

As for the taste, it was like a boozy version of Shake Shack's Gingerbread Custard. And there's nothing wrong with that. Hope the Dark and Stormy makes it into the somewhat regular rotation.

Looks like the Shack has some very interesting flavors this month with a lot of late summer flavors represented...Melon Mint on Wednesdays, Sweet Corn on Thursdays, Watermelon Tomato(!) on Friday, Bellini* on Saturday and Berry Blue on Sunday. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

*I tasted this one last weekend, it was light and peachy.

Shake Shack August Custard Menu

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Melissa Zhang said...

And Salted Caramel is back! I can't wait to try all of these flavors. The staff will probably get used to seeing my face at the B-line!

Anonymous said...

Does their custard taste buttery to you? I had my first Shake Shack custard experience last month and it was not very pleasant.

emily said...

buttery custard? what's not to like!

(honestly, I think too many people are used to factory ice cream. the homemade custards, gelatos and ice creams out there are a shock to the palate.)

i think salted caramel is a must try, but if i'm near the park on tuesdays, good to know that dark and stormy is a hit!

Anonymous said...

emily, since when was butter an ingredient in custard??? this is not paula dean town!

emily said...

well, maybe it's just me, but really rich cream has a buttery texture/flavor to me. so if it's heavy cream custard, it may translate as buttery.

shake shack's custard IS quite rich - I'm not complaining, but it's a not-often treat. that's why flavors like this and salted caramel intrigue me. the spice of ginger and the salt of the caramel may help cut that richness.