Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BLTs Are Back at 'Wichcraft


Thankfully it seems that the tomato blight isn't impacting 'wichcraft's summer BLT rollout. Yesterday's dinnertime visit to the Rock Center 'wichcraft confirmed that BLT's are finally in season...

Bacon, greenmarket tomatoes, lettuce and aioli on toasted country bread...mmmm. At $9.75, it's 'wichcraft's most expensive sandwich, but as Ms. Blondie reported last summer:

wichcraft's BLT is phenomenal. The tomatoes are from the Greenmarket, juicy, sweet, and ripe. The lettuce was crisp and fresh. The bacon could have been meatier, and I could have gotten more, but the amount I had was moderate enough. The sandwich didn't travel as well as I wanted it to; the mayo made the underside a bit soggy, so it's best to eat this at the restaurant. For the freshness and quality, I believe this is worth the price. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it's definitely better than the standard deli BLT.

While I was waiting for my dinner, I chatted with the lady behind the counter about my excitement at the return of the BLT and told me she served another customer earlier today that was also very excited to see the BLT return to the menu. But when it came time to place his order, the dude went for a BLT without tomatoes. D'oh! The tomatoes are what's so special about the 'wichcraft BLT! These aren't your hot house variety, 'wichcraft uses fresh and local tomatoes and when the tomatoes aren't in season, neither are the BLTs. For the record, if you have a tomato aversion, you can get a non tomato-ed version of the BLT all year long.

Also in season, 'wichcraft's corn salad side ($1.95) made with tomatoes, basil and red onion. But you'd better hurry, the BLTs and the corn salad only last as long as the tomatoes. If you're dying to try recreating 'wichcraft's BLT at home, the Daily News wrote up their recipe a couple of years back.

various locations throughout NYC including the concourse level of Rockefeller Center.

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