Friday, August 28, 2009

Fluffy Fried Puffs of Dough

Far East Midtown is severely lacking delicious bakeries. Sure, we've got Buttercup, and there's a Crumbs AND a Magnolia coming, but really? They're mostly cupcakes. What if I want an eclair or some opera cake, my cravings for French pastries have had to wait until off hours. Not anymore.

While I was out gallivanting in Eastern Europe, Financier Patisserie, the downtown bakery, expanded into Midtown. Upon my return, I took the first free lunch hour I had, walked uptown, and stared at a big, shiny, beautiful case of affordable French pastries. It was marvelous.

Le Financier Sandwich
I did need some sustenance, but having never eaten any of Financier's sandwiches, I was at a lost as to what to get. I decided upon their namesake sandwich, Le Financier-grilled chicken, marinated artichokes, roasted tomato, and goat cheese. It also comes with a few olives. The sandwich traveled back to the office well, and was very good if a little bland. If they were a little closer, I'd definitely get this $8 sandwich more often.

For my dessert, I could not make up my mind there. I even got the "hurry it up lady, we haven't got all day" look. I was going to say whatever came out of my mouth first, but a bowl of interesting little fried dough puffs caught my eye. "What are those?" "Chouquettes." "A who?" "Want to try one?" "Oh yes. I'll take 5."

I want to say five of them cost $2.50, but I can't really remember. Either way, they are delicious. Chouquettes are made with choux pastry-the same used in eclairs-and rolled in sugar. The inside is fluffy with big pockets of air. A few co-workers who really lucked out got to try them with me, and they were loved. I have a feeling Brownie and I will be frequenting the second Midtown location (6th Ave and 48th St) soon enough.

Financier Patisserie
983 First Ave, at 54th Street
(212) 419-0100


Cakespy said...

Sigh. I saw a notice about this place opening, and now that I have picture evidence of the deliciousness, I *really* wanna go.

Yvo Sin said...

What? Why haven't I seen this at the one by me? I will need to investigate this. Thank you m'dear!

dbdtron said...

Get the Opera, the Florentine if you are in the mood for chocolate. I love the choquettes as well. That sugar is awesome.

Margaret said...

I went here Friday evening after work and split the chocolate and raspberry tart with a friend and brought a chocolate macaron home with me. I studied abroad in Paris and can speak from the extensive French pastry research I took upon myself, and both the pastries were très français and extremely delicious.

I believe the chouquettes were five for $1.25.

Dolce said...

That's a very good news indeed as the downtown trip to Le Financier was a hassle... I love their apricot tart and eclairs :)