Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travels with Blondie: In Prague, eating Bosnian

Let's relive Prague one last time. I ate a lot of dumplings, a lot of sausage, a lot of duck, but of all the meals, two really stuck out. One because it was delicious, the other because it was Bosnian. I've never eaten Bosnian before.

First up, let's discuss the Bosnian. Bosnia and Herzegovina were part of the former Yugoslavia. After their bloody war in the 90s, one can assume they are still trying to rebuild as a nation, and connect with their diaspora. Their expats are now bringing Bosnian cuisine around the world-check out this 2006 New York Times article on the NYC population;s cuisine needs.

Orač Platter
In Prague, one of the expats opened Luka Lu, a Bosnian-Italian restaurant with a romantic and quirky ambiance. The menu is mostly Bosnian featuring some of their classical dishes including čevapčiči and pljeskavice. If you're willing to try everything, they have a combination platter which includes both of these. Čevapčiči is a dish of grilled mincemeat, usually served with pita and condiments. Pljeskavice is mincemeat stuffed with cheese, in their case Edam. Luka Lu's also includes bacon.

Both versions of mincemeat, the lamb sausages, chicken, and potatoes were all incredibly delicious, nicely spiced. Amazingly enough, it reminded me of street meat, a welcome change after a week of dumplings.

Gnocchi all'Spinace
There was also dishes like their gnocchi with spinach and crème fraîche, which was awesome. Not the most perfect fluffy gnocchi I've ever had, but use of crème fraîche as a sauce was wonderful. All in all, I'm definitely willing to eat Bosnian again. For a detailed review, check out The Prague Spoon's visit.

Ferdinand House Brew
And I'm saving the best for last. U Ferdinanda, a restaurant and tavern that is an outlet for beers from the Ferdinand Brewery. The space is very modern industrial with hammers on the table, graffiti under the bar, and hoes doubling as coat hooks.

From Moo Cow
I was immediately won over by the menu, anything that says 'From Piggy' and 'From Moo Cow' has my vote. Look below that photo, see the beef goulash that includes a beer, that's what we all had.

Beef Goulash and Dumplings
For less than $10. Best we had in Prague, fluffy dumplings willing to soak up sauce, tender beef. A little on the salty side, but that's what the beer's for, right?

The kielbasy had crackling skin, spicy pork, and raw cut horseradish. Delicious.

Luka Lu
Újezd 33
Praha 1

U Ferdinanda
Corner of Opletalova and Politickych veznu
Praha 1

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