Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bon Appetit Supper Club and Pop Up Cafe is Back!

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The Bon Appetit Supper Club and Cafe has a new home. The bright, airy new space was open and inviting and when Blondie and I rolled in the door at 1:45ish, we were immediately handed a tray with a menu and pointed in the direction of the food...

By the time we arrived they were running a bit low on some of the offerings. They were already out of Nate Appleman's Tuna and Bread Salad with Tomato, Cucumber and Capers ($9) and Nancy Olson's Pumpkin Whoopie Pies ($3) both of my top lunch picks. Apparently they sold out shortly after 1:00pm. I decided to go for Tom Douglas' Crab "Louie" Salad with Avocado, Deviled Egg and Crispy Bacon ($10) and Blondie went for the Heavenly White Porcini Pizza special ($8).

My salad was definitely the better of the two. Ten bucks is pricey for salad in my book, but at least the ingredient were top notch--real lump crab, avocado, crispy bacon, a creamy deviled egg, tiny grape tomatoes and butter lettuce.

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The pizza was totally skippable. Even with schmancy cheese and Porcini mushroom topping, it was essentially an $8 slice of pizza and not a very large one at that. Blondie felt that the pizza was too bready. More like a cafeteria pizza.

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For dessert we split Alex Stupak's Chocolate Ganache Yellow Cupcake ($3). It frankly tasted a little bit like Ms. Crocker was in the kitchen, but not quite as moist. The chocolate ganache frosting however was quite good.

Picture 036

The big standout (and I don't mean this in a flip way) was the Route 11 Salt-N-Vinegar Potato Chips. Dang those were tangy!

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I'll probably hit up the cafe again to try that tuna salad and the whoopie pies. The lady I spoke to said that they were both quite good. She said the bread made the salad "hearty" and for $9, I wouldn't mind something on the heartier side.

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Bon Appetit Supper Club and Cafe

NW Corner of 57th and 6th Ave
11am to 3pm through this Friday, 9/25
The complete menu and schedule is available online.


Chubby Chinese Girl said...

Great pics!!! I had mario's salad which was very good, rick's soup was delish and the yuzu tart is genious! I'm gonna go back again as well, doesn't it make lunch so much more exciting!?

www.undergrounddining.blogspot.com said...

Interesting interpretation of Supper Club... and an easy, cheap access to try all these talented chefs dishes! Too bad it ends tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

The peanut butter cookies (pictured next to the Route 11 chips) were hands-down awesome.