Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Missed Brownie, So I Ate Whoopie Pie

Whoopie Pie from Millport Dairy
I can't help it; I have weird separation anxieties, and Brownie was just gone for too long. No more of these two week jaunts to Europe, lady! As her Italian visit drew to a close, and I missed her more and more, I waltzed on over to the Dag Hammerskjöld Greenmarket again.

As I passed tables of tomatoes, and pondered picking up pork buns or quiches from Not Just Rugelach, some little sandwiches caught my eye.

Whoopie Pie from Millport Dairy
Brownie's tasted Millport Dairy's whoopie pies before, but I hadn't. And whoopie pies make me think of her, so I bought a two-pack to soothe my aching soul. I loved them. I agree that they could have a bit more chocolate taste, but I wouldn't pass these up! I especially liked how the filling wasn't just frosting as that seems to be a prevalent whoopie pie problem. They did also have the pumpkin in anticipation of the arriving fall.

Dag Hammerskjöld Greenmarket
47th Street and 2nd Avenue
Wednesdays 8am to 6pm year round, but it will be closed on September 23rd for the UN's General Assembly.


dbdtron said...

Ok, this is now on my to-do list for next week. DONE.

I usually hit up Columbine (unfortunately named) when they have Whoopie Pies (it's on the special menu, as a dessert). It's crazy good.

I track it daily. (

PhillyGirl said...

From the side view, that looks like a Drake's Devil Dog..which on second thought is probably really a whoopie pie in hot dog-shape disguise.. I found good red velvet whoopie pies at the Giant grocery stores in Eastern Pennsylvania and great chocolate ones in Wegmans (NY to VA).

Josseiris Cuevas said...

Me encanta este blog,
y esta Fotografía me mataaaa.a! Que rico!::.
Saludiitos!●๋• :P