Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ice Cream Truck Separation Anxiety

Mmm. It's the choinkwich from BGICT
If you follow our twitter, you already know that I'm having intense ice cream truck separation anxiety. As the remaining summer days dwindle down, so do the opportunities to get cones from the various Mister Softee purveyors including two of our favs: Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and Miss Softee...

Rebecca Marx has the full scoop over at the Village Voice's Fork in the Road about where the Mister Softee trucks go in the winter. But when faced with imminent soft serve scarcity, it's time to prioritize and strategize to maximize soft serve consumption. Here are some of our favs from BGICT and Miss Softee...

Let's start with the choinkwich. Chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, caramelized smoky bacon. Can I get a hell yeah? BGICT man, Doug Quint doesn't always pack bacon--as someone who's caramelized her fair share of bacon, I can vouch that it's labor intensive and sticky business. Your best bet is stalking BGICT's twitter. If Doug has choinkwich fixings you'll be in the know. ZOMG, ab-so-freaking-lutely delicious.

Choinkwich from BGICT

Miss Softee has a bacon offering of her own--I hope I'm getting the name right...it's called the "Twinkie Crash" and involves chocolate dip, chocolate crunchies and bac-os. We got a little taste and it's actually really tasty. The bac-os add a pleasant salty crunch. Om nom nom.

Twinkie Crash

If you like sweet and savory consider giving the extra virgin olive oil and sea salt topped soft serve at BGICT. The rich and earthly flavor of the Greek extra virgin olive oil and simple sweetness of the vanilla soft serve plus the sprinkling of the sea salt make for a winning combo. Certifiably delicious.

Vanilla Soft Serve topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Or go for the potato chip dip cone at Miss Softee. Sweet, salty, crispy, and crunchy. Yum!
Potato Chip Choco Dip Cone

If you're up for something really different try the Vanilla Soft Serve Covered in Curried Toasted Coconut at BGICT. Lovely and toothsome coconut shavings toasted with just the right amount of curry this cone does not disappoint. And short of toasting your own coconut and buying a soft serve machine, I'm not sure where you can get a worthy substitute for this cone in the off season.

Vanilla Soft Serve Covered in Curried Toasted Coconut

Yesterday, Blondie and I tried out Miss Softee's whatchamacallit--chocolate ice cream with chocolate dip rolled in peanut butter pretzels. Yeah, there really isn't a way for that to be bad.


Ok, Brownie, enough with the food porn. Where's the strategy? Well, speaking with Miss Softee, she promises that next week she's going to be loading her truck up with all the goodies to make your summer favorites next week. Follow her on twitter for whereabouts and specials details.

As for BGICT, from the sound of the VV article, the ice cream man is going to be retiring the truck for the season after the Vendy's. You can find him most day in Union Square on the corner of 17th St and Broadway and in midtown during the evening. Or, better yet, pick up some tickets to the Vendy Awards. Tickets are $80 until the day of the event, but they will sell out, The cost of each ticket is tax-deductible and benefits the Street Vendor Project. And BGICT's twitter hints that he's got something excellent in the works. What are you waiting for?!

Now go forth and eat soft serve!

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Ernie Fidanza said...

By just having a look at the delicious ice cream pictures you have at your post creates a craving for me.. I'm going to wait for my ice cream truck and will have a delightful ice cream.. =)