Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Robot Monkeys, Take Two

Robot Monkey Take Two
Because you know you didn't get enough the first time. I know there's something SUPER important going on in the NYC food scene this Saturday, and yes, I will be at the Vendys for most of the day, but afterward I may need to unwind and WATCH A ROBOT MONKEY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

Dan Walker's interactive art installation is making its way back to t.b.d. in Brooklyn yet again. This time around Manhattan and Brooklyn are going to fight to the death! I know who's side I'm on, and I do hope to see this all go down. For things Robot Monkeys in Brooklyn related, please check out Miss Heather's coverage at New York Shitty.

For more on Dan Walker and his art besides monkeys, visit

224 Franklin Street, at Greene Street
(718) 349-6727

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emily said...

Man, TBD is a great spot. At least, it was great when I was there for the soup and sandwich cookoff. Oh, and not to sound stalkerish, but I'm a Vendy volunteer too and thought I saw B&B mentioned on the volunteer shifts, but wasn't sure. So cool!