Monday, September 21, 2009

The Thanksgiving Sundae at BGICT

BGICT Thanksgiving Sundae

T-minus less than a week until the Vendys. A Vendys that I will not be able to attend this year. Booo to having to be out of town. Well, if I can't make the Vendys proper, I've decided that I need to hit up some of my favorite nominees in advance of the big day so Friday night, with Lawman in tow, I headed down to Union Square for a Thanksgiving Sundae from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck...

Thanksgiving Sundae from BGICT

It's a little early for both Canadian and good old American Thanksgiving, but there's nothing wrong with being thankful all year long, especially when it involves vanilla soft serve covered in graham cracker crumbs, drizzled with pumpkin butter and topped with whipped cream. Ohhhh yeah. As Doug (aka the BGICT man) says, it's like licking the pie plate after Thanksgiving dinner. Certifiably delicious.

For location and toppings check out The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's twitter.

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emily said...

Uh, yummm. Ok, while I just made a trip to the BGICT yesterday, I definitely need to try that before he shuts down for the season. (How depressing is that? Moreso because it means I can no longer deny the season change.)

ScoopSt. said...

I second that! Yummmm the BGICT always has the best treats :) said...

Yes, so good! Ive had the soft serve with ginger syrup and curry powder--sounds strange but amazing combo! He makes a perfect chocolate milkshake too!

Anonymous said...

Ymmm! looking delicious, it can be sweetest Thanksgiving gifts