Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The UN of Greenmarkets

One reason Brownie and I became friends was our mutual willingness to walk to the far reaches of Midtown for some delicious lunch. Very few people in my new work place share this desire. "You're WALKING to Rockefeller CENTER for a FARMER'S MARKET!! I'll go out with you, but not to there!" If I want some shopping companionship for market purchases, Dag Hammerskjöld on Wednesdays it is.

Dag Hammerskjold Greenmarket
And I need a spotter. I can very easily walk into a Greenmarket, become seduced by the gorgeous fruit, vegetables, or bread, and drop buckets on cash on food I'm not going to eat. My office tends to win out after one of those trips. But this last time, I didn't want healthy food, I wanted junk. Namely doughnuts.

Apple Cider Doughnut
Apple Cider Doughnuts. I can't remember the name of which bakery/stall these came from-if I have time I'll go back today and update this-but I can tell you these ones were absolutely delicious. Sweet, fresh, and moist, straight out of a crate full of them. And no need to buy a bag, you could get just one and one's all I needed.

Blueberry Corn Bread
Next I picked up a blueberry corn bread from Not Just Rugelach. I keep visiting their stall thinking that I could pick up an empanada or quiche or foccacia bread, but no, I go for the pastry items. This corn bread wasn't my favorite, I wished for more blueberry flavor, but it was some of the better corn bread I've had in the city.

I also picked up one of their super fudgey brownies. I love these because they stay fresh for days, and can really keep me going through the end of the week. I ended up eating half of it as a mid-morning snack on Thursday.

Dag Hammerskjöld Greenmarket

47th Street and 2nd Avenue
Wednesdays 8am to 6pm year round, but it will be closed on September 23rd for the UN's General Assembly.

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Gar said...

Nice! I was just thinking of 'someplace' to go during my break. How about the Rockefeller Greenmarket? Have you been to that one?