Friday, October 2, 2009

Epicurious is Doing More Than Entertaining

When we found out about the Epicurious Entertains NYC events going on right now, of course we were both excited-Epicurious is one of our go-to sites-but we were also a little, for lack of a better word, curious. Since this is the first time Epicurious has done this particular event, what would it be like? Would each session be a mad house like some other food events? Most importantly, would they run out of food? The answers: awesome, not at all, and no.

Brownie and I were lucky enough to visit the kick-off of the week, the Ultimate Lunch Break, and the calibar and amount of food there made this more than worth the $20 ticket. Once inside the airy and very modern space the first table of food offered Rickshaw Dumplings, which were being served by Kenny Lao and Anita Lo.

I'm not sure which dumpling this was, but it was spicy. If I had to go on limb, I'd say the Chicken & Basil.

The next table featured the beef BBQ sandwich with a side of slaw from Hill Country. It was delicious, though it could have used a little more sauce-I like my buns soaked with juices. But I'd still eat at Hill Country any day.

After that was Dogmatic and a first taste of their gourmet sausage. Brownie and I were both pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were and somewhat amazed by their bun toaster.

We then tasted some Cafe Habana. This was a small portion of their Cuban sandwich, which is supposedly one of the best in NYC. I could easily tell why. Tasting a whole one of these quickly made its way back on my 'to do' list.

The Latin flavor wasn't over as next up was Toloache with their pork taco. I'd been wanting to try their tacos for a while now, and all this did was make me want to immediately go to the restaurant and order a plate full of them.

Moving on, we came to one of Brownie's favorites, a lobster roll. This one came from The Mermaid Inn. I still didn't feel the lobster love, but she did. Enough so, that I'm surprised she didn't take two.

Onto something I can completely appreciate more, Boqueria's lamb BLT. Yes, I wrote that write-lamb bacon, made from lamb breast. And it looked like real bacon, and was delicious. A very interesting spin on the old classic.

Now for some Indian love, Tabla's Chicken Tikka Frankie. While chowing down this garlicky roll, I asked about their outdoor cart, one thing I can never seem to remember is there. "This is actually one of the offerings off of there." I have to make it soon during lunch-it's completely do-able in a hour.

For the savories, last came 'ino with their Sweet Onion Confit Crotini and their Whipped Ricotta Crostini. Both were good, and a nice ending to the line.

But I had my eye on one table the whole time. It was time for some Treats Truck goods! I hoped Kim would be present as I need to find out WHAT the graham cracker smore-like treat was in our Vendys box of love, alas she was not. No matter, I'll corner her soon enough. Brownie and I proceeded to make up for lost Treats Truck time and ate more than our fair share of treats.

All in all, this lunch was a highlight of my week. No one seemed to be running out of food, it was crowded, you could really come, relax, eat really good food to your heart's content, and recharge for the second half of your workday. It was a perfect hump day lunch. For those of you with tickets to the remaining sold out events, you can count on having a wonderful time! And for the rest of you, you'll have to try it out next year!


Fresh Local and Best said...

What an amazing event! I wish I knew that this was being held. I love the photos of the dumplings, and given that it was served by Anita Lo, I'm sure it was very good!

emily said...

How did I not hear about this? And I totally agree about that smore thing Kim had at the Vendys. I caught her at the front of the park and she offered me a treat; that was first choice. I simply CAN'T turn down a browned marshmallow.