Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frogurt! Frogurt! Massive Amounts of Frogurt!

Cup of Swirled Frogurt from Printon Deli

I remember reading awhile back that another generic deli in midtown was carrying Frogurt, my beloved Frogurt, aka the froyo that they sell Bloomie's 40 Carrots Cafe. But I've been burned by generic purveyors of Frogurt and I promptly forgot about Printon 56, until last week...

As I was strolling 56th street between 5th and 6th on my way to pick up ramen from Mei Kui Tei I noticed Printon 56's big Frogurt sign and I couldn't help but be drawn in.

frogurt from Printon Deli

What I discovered was not one measly Frogurt pump but a sleek operation. Three machines! Six flavors! I spoke to the lady behind the counter and she said that they regularly have Plain, Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate and Caribbean Coffee and they rotate in two flavors on a daily basis. One of the times I stopped by they had Banana and Strawberry and other time they Peanut Butter.

frogurt from Printon Deli

I went for a kiddie cup of plain swirled with coffee which cost $3.50. A small cup goes for $4.50 and a large cup or waffle cone goes for $5.50. I like my Frogurt uncomplicated and sans toppings, but if topping froyo is your thing they have a wide variety of fruit and candy toppings which are $1.00 each

frogurt from Printon Deli

I've been to other places that sell Frogurt but don't keep their machines quite as cold as at 40 Carrots so the froyo comes out icy and melty. Not so at Printon 56. I haven't gone through all the flavors, but the froyo I tried did taste comparable to what you get at 40 Carrots.

Printon 56
48 W 56th St
New York, NY 10019


Ambitious said...

I've never had 40 carrots but Printon's fro yo is pretty yummy.

However, I can't seem to bring myself to pay $1 for each topping!!

Brownie said...

@ambitious: I totally hear you, $1 per topping seems kind of ridiculous. I generally don't get my frogurt with toppings from 40 Carrots, but when I got to Printon, I definitely eyed the raspberries until I saw the price tag!