Thursday, October 1, 2009

Going Downtown to Bay Ridge

The Kiwanis Cupcake
Remember how I told you about the awesome evening I had Friday pre-Vendys. Let me tell you about it-it was set in the magical neighborhood of Bay Ridge and involves lots of bacon....

Bay Ridge will always have a soft spot in my heart. Prior to moving here, my family frequently made car trips to New York, and though Staten Island is a borough (blah, blah, blah) I always felt we were here, in New York when we touched down off the Verranzano into Bay Ridge. It looked like such a mysterious place, and continues to be in my head, now mainly due to the former distance between it and myself-I did live on the exact opposite side of Queens, a straight diagonal even. I have gone there a few times, never getting to see or do much. But when I heard about Robicelli's, a new neighborhood market that had opened, all I could think was "that train ride will take forever, but if the food's good I'll do it." Then Brownie and I met the owners, Matt & Allison Robicelli at the Cupcake Competition, and they were so nice we made pencil plans to go visit them.

Photos from Brooklyn Kitchen's 3rd Annual Cupcake Cookoff
Then no opportunities arose. For a while. Until Allison emailed saying they were going to throw an one-year anniversary dinner! A reason! A reason to go to Bay Ridge and eat their food and cupcakes. Done!

Robicelli's Brownies
And it was delicious! Pork BLTs, super-creamy and Blondie-approved butternut squash soup, egg salad sandwiches, just crazy good food that I can't wait for Brownie to try-and I sort of can't wait to have again. Then the dessert started. Allison gave me some of her brownie to try and after tasting, it took about ten seconds for it to even register. It's light and fluffy, not overly sweet, and just divine.

The Kiwanis Cupcake
But of course, I had to try cupcakes. The latest creation was based on an Italian Brooklyn traditional Kiwanis cake. Their interpretation involves vanilla cake filled with bananas, walnuts, and pastry cream, topped with mocha buttercream and chocolate dipped cream puffs and strawberries. It's not just a cupcake by a long shot.

The Car Bomb Cupcake
I also tasted the Car Bomb, a take on the Jameson, Bailey's, Guinness disgustingness guys like to do at bars. This one, more up my alley, is Guinness chocolate cake, a Jameson truffle center, with Bailey's buttercream. Amazing, just amazing. Moist cake, not overpowered by the alcohol, and the woman makes some of the best buttercream around.

All in all, it was a fantastic dinner. I was more than impressed, I was converted. I will absolutely be going back soon with my lady in tow. Thank you to Matt & Allison the gracious hosts, and congratulations on your one year anniversary. Maybe Allison can sell me on Staten Island during my visits! And seriously people, you HAVE to go try that butternut squash soup. It's no joke.

Robicelli's Gourmet Market
8511 Third Avenue
Bay Ridge
(718) 748-6804; also check out their Facebook or follow their Twitter

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Diane said...

The Tres Leches cupcake from Robicelli's is amazing too. *Love* the frosting!