Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Missing Brooklyn Cheese Experiment

Mac & Cheese
Somewhere between Octo-Burlesk and Shacktoberfest, I forgot to talk about the cheese at The Brooklyn Cheese Experiment. So, before I talk about anything else, I have to get this out!

The Stinky Slider
If there is one thing Dewey Decimator knows, other than the Dewey Decimal Classification, it's 641.373 (cheese) and 637.35 (cheese, varieties of). She was going to this competition with me, whether I liked it or not. As usual for us, we were there as the doors opened, ready to eat each and every entry. It all began with The Stinky Slider, which was tasty, pungent, and presented very well for a food competition-notice the toothpick holding it all together and one bite size.

Blue Cheese Gruyere Puff
Another stinky was the Fig & Blue Cheese Puff. The puff was wonderfully baked, and the cheeses and fig complemented each other. My only problem was the easy roll off of the cup holder, because I caused a "puff down" by being unable to control the roll.

Righteous Bun
There were at least two torches, one for melting Swiss and Gruyere on the Righteous Bun.

Cheesy Tomato Soup & Spicy Crackers
Bonnie Suarez represented with a cheesy tomato soup with spicy crackers. Not being a soup person, I liked the spicy crackers. Dewey liked both.

Knafe Nabulysa with Akkawai & Rose Syrup
One of her favorites was the Knafe Nabulysa with Akkawai & Rose Syrup. It was very different, and very interesting. It's for unique dishes like this that keep me going to food competitions. I like saying "Wait, what?!"

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese
We were expecting copious amounts of macaroni and cheese, which we got. Each had its own spin, but both of us ranked the Pumpkin Mac & Cheese highest.

Ricotta Cheesecake
What we didn't expect was a lack of desserts; the one we tried was a very good cheesecake. The perfect ending to line of participants.

Of course, on the other side was the beer. If I said I remember what we liked best, I'd be lying.

And the winners were:

Beer Awards

3rd-Brad Hillman, “309″
2nd-DJ Connor, “Sp├Ątsommer Dunkelweizen”
1st-Joshua Knowlton, “Propeller Pale Ale”

3rd-DJ Connor, “Sp├Ątsommer Dunkelweizen”
2nd-Kayen Konecny, “Squirreltail Farmhouse Ale”
1st-Joshua Knowlton, “Propeller Pale Ale”

Food Awards

3rd-Alyssa Lees, “Fig & Blue Cheese Grueyere Puffs”
2nd-Evelyn Kim, “Knafe Nabulysa with Akkawai & Rose Syrup”
1st-Bonnie Suarez, “Tomato Soup and Spicy 3-Cheese Crackers”

3rd-Rebecca Lando, “Ricotta Cheesecake”
2nd-Bonnie Suarez, “Tomato Soup and Spicy 3-Cheese Crackers”
1st-Gabriel Vallejo, “Righteous Bun”

Stayed tuned to for the upcoming Experiments, and for the upcoming Takedowns. For a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a contestant and/or Bonnie Suarez's winning recipe, check out Not Eating Out in New York's Cathy Erway's experience.


Nick S. said...

Great pics! Theo and I are planning the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment for November 15th. More details to come!


Fresh Local and Best said...

The names are so appropriate and funny!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I have to respectfully disagree... the "Mac - o - lantern" a.k.a. the pumpkin mac & cheese - in spite of it's super cute name - was really bland and lacking all of my favorite mac & cheese elements - namely cheese flavor & crunchy top bits... The bacon & cinnamon mac & cheese however, that was a good one...