Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mmm...Mutton Thursdays

Mutton Biryani from the Trini Pak Cart

As much as I love lamb, my only experience with mutton thus far is from watching the Seinfeld mutton episode, until I sought out the Mutton Biryani from the Trini Paki Boys cart, that is. Mmm...mutton...

Thanks to Midtown Lunch I've been paying a bit closer attention to the offerings at the Trini Paki Boys Cart and Mutton Biryani is a Thursdays only special that I discovered this summer.

You can get your mutton with salad on top, but as Jerry says, "salad's got nothin' on this mutton" so plow through that lettuce and move on to the main event.

The mutton was a little gamey (but come on, it's mutton!) and surprisingly tender. The rice was flavorful and filling (and this comes from a non-rice eater). With the exception of Kwik Meal, most street carts don't do real lamb and by real lamb I mean non reconstituted pressed lamb meat logs. An ample serving will run you around $6 and for real lamb over rice action, it's a good deal in my book.


Trini Paki Boys Cart
SE Corner of 43rd Street & 6th Ave

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You wont hear me saying this very often, but, dammit! I wish I worked in Midtown...

plumpdumpling said...

I didn't realize I couldn't add a personal message with my friend request, so I wanted to let you know that I just requested your friendship on foodbuzz and that I'm not a creep.

I'm brand new to foodbuzz and asked highlowfooddrink which blogs I should be reading as someone who likes to eat but doesn't care to cook. You were recommended, so I'm hoping you'll accept my request for friendship. Yaaaay.

Brownie said...

@underground dining: you'll have to make a special Thursday lunch trip!

@plumpdumpling: welcome to foodbuzz and thanks for the add!