Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NYCWFF '09: Meatpacking Uncorked

Trina Turk
For me, the kickoff event of the New York City Wine & Food Festival wasn't SWEET, but Meatpacking Uncorked the night before. Wine, food, and designer clothes, I am in.

Manhattan School of Music
Debra and I promptly headed to the Meatpacking after work, ready to take on this Meatpacking Uncorked. After going through the welcoming center and receiving the map, we, like many, headed to the first stops. Sip wine, glance at clothes you can't afford, leave, repeat. We did this for about five stores before it got old.

As we walked down 14th Street, we came upon the Basis/Good Food Market. Basis specializes in bringing food from local farms to restaurants; they are also located at New Amsterdam Market and a soon-to-be-opened shop on West 14th Street. One look at the offerings and we were fine with having dessert before dinner.

Tbsp Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding
First we tried the chocolate chip bread pudding sample from tbsp. It was warm, fluffy, moist, like a chocolate chip cookie made into bread pudding. Delicious. Debra wants a long lunch there ASAP.

Marea Fall Spice Ice Cream
The other sample dessert was fall spice ice cream from Marea. Creamy, spicy and sweet, the perfect idea would have been to place this with the bread pudding. Not that it wasn't awesome by itself because it was.

Across the way, we noticed Diner was handing out food, rather inefficiently I might add. Goat cheese quesadillas topped with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa, and if you were passed over three times by the staff and mentioned this when trying to grab at a plate, you weren't rewarded with extra food in hopes that you would ever visit their location again.

Gaslight Pizza
Catty corner, we heard Gaslight was handing out sample portions to an increasing line. We stepped in and out fairly fast.

Spice Market
Down the block Spice Market was also in the action. And by action I mean waiting in a ridiculously long line to be handed a pathetic serving of food. But at least they gave you a good size non-alcoholic drink. At the end of the line, you got a choice between a meat, chicken, or pork skewer cooked right out on the sidewalk. A refreshing drink and being warmed by a fire on a cool night quickly became bonuses.

Coke & Delta Tent
In the middle of the street was the Coke & Delta Tent, or if you know me, grab as many of those Biscoff as you can. I love those things. I know it just gingerbread cookies, but between those and Le Petit Ecolier cookies I periodically got my hands on that weekend, my dessert needs have been sustained all month.

Trina Turk
Debra and I pretty much gave up on getting decently fed at this point. So we played the "Let's pretend we have money & can buy these clothes" game. Our new favorite designer is Trina Turk. I will now accept the Algonquin Dress as a form of bribery/present.

Los Dados
Further on down that block, we came upon Gansevoort 69 and tasted what I believe to be their butterscotch whiskey cookies. Then we saw a line-less Los Dados serving nachos. I hear they were serving pork rolls earlier in the night, but I don't remember these being pork.

Murray's Cheese
Our last bites of food came courtesy of one of my favorites, Murray's Cheese and Salami. There are no pictures since every bit I got went immediately in my mouth. There was sausage and some of the new Barely Buzzed. This cheese has a rind made of lavender and coffee, a combination that would have never occurred to me. I need to get a better taste of it, but my preliminary bits were awesome, it's very unique for cheese.

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