Thursday, October 22, 2009

Open Up Fatty Cue NOW!!!

Smoked Brisket Bao
I won't lie, I was incredibly excited for the last day of Epicurious Entertains NYC, Fatty Sunday: A Zak Pelaccio Lunchtime Feast. It involved watching football and eating a preview of Fatty Cue, the barbecue unicorn by Pitmaster Robert Richter and Zak Pelaccio, the executive chef of Fatty Crab. Southern BBQ meets Southeast Asia, I expected spicy, sweet, tangy, and hot. Lots of hot.

Fatty Cue Preview
Unlike the two previous Epicurious events I went to that week, Fatty Sunday was set up buffet style. Everyone could walk into the kitchens, try to chat up the chefs (they were pretty busy while I was in there), grab as much food as possible, and head back to watch the games.

Fatty Cue Preview
My first plate consisted of the Lamb Shoulder with Yogurt Sauce, House Smoked Clams and Bacon, Pork Spare Ribs with Palm Sugar Fish Sauce, and some Banh Mi. All were spectacular. The lamb had been smoked for 14 hours rendering it tender and juicy with an awesome outer char layer. I didn't get a piece of bread to place under the clams, soaking up the juices. They were still delicious and fresh. The banh mi had the crunchy vegetables (daikon and carrot) to offset the buttery soft layers of pork shoulder and loin. But my favorite item on this plate was the ribs. I know palm sugar fish sauce sounds really weird and unusual, but it works. OUTSTANDING!! On my second trip in, I literally followed Chef Pelaccio as he placed a new full plate of ribs out.

Fatty Cue Preview
My second plate included almost everything I didn't get the first time: Smoked Brisket Bao, Cucumber Salad, Nasi Ulam, and of course, some more ribs. The two sides were well enough, but I wasn't here for sides. It was time for bao and what a bao it was. It felt like something from a Chinatown in Texas; fluffy dough, tender, moist, smoky meat inside. Oh good God, the food memory is making me salivate.

I will warn you, everything was hot or fiery hot; there was no mild here. There was one plate I was not going to try-the pickled Thai chilies. I didn't want to be reduced to a snotty, watery mess in front of my gracious hosts. Upon leaving, I immediately called Brownie and instructed her that we need to go to Fatty Cue as soon as it opens, whenever that will be. We will be right behind Joe DiStefano in line.

Fatty Cue

91 S. 6th Street


Eddie Howard said...

I was at this event as well. Agree that it was delicious, especially that lamb shoulder and those ribs. Hopefully the restaurant can open ASAP! I wrote about it here:

Joe DiStefano said...

I'm jealous you got to try the ribs. I got there too late.