Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Travels with Brownie: Montana Candy Emporium

Montana Candy Emporium-1
As we get closer to Halloween my thoughts have been on, what else? Treats. I'm a sucker for seasonal marketing. Halloween donuts. Halloween cuppycakes. Pumpkin pie blizzards. I don't know about you, but candy's been on my mind as well. People in my office have started putting out candy and lots of it. And I've been partaking. But not all candy is created equal. Some candies are more equal than others. And some candy is harder to find than others, but not when you visit the Montana Candy Emporium...


Located on the main drag in Red Lodge, Montana, the Montana Candy Emporium is a candy lovers dream. With reputably 800 different candies, if you're looking for a certain special confection they are likely to have it. Their selection of penny candy was unlike any I've ever seen.

Inside Candy Emporium

Visiting in person the most fun for sheer "kid in a candy store" nostalgia, but they also ship candy all over the world, so if you have an obscure regional favorite, give them a ring, they just might be able to get you what you're looking for.

Schwin Sign

Montana Candy Emporium
7 Broadway Ave S
Red Lodge, MT 59068
(406) 446-1119

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