Monday, November 23, 2009

George Motz Switches Teams!!

Plateful of Chili
The Bell House housed the semi-annual Chili Takedown yesterday, though there were many competitors, the Peoples Choice belonged to a hamburger expert! There was a lot of spice, a lot of chili, and a good amount of cheese.

Shawty Fire Burning Chili
Definitely the spiciest I tasted was the Shawty Fire Burning Chili. My lips were tingling until some cold stout could calm them down.

#9-Chili Heaven
The Food Experiments' Nick Suarez returned to competition with Chili Heaven. It included complimentary Fritos.

Brisk Autumn Chili
Pumpkin and autumn were represented by a few competitors, including Brisk Autumn Chili which was topped with Cilantro-Lime Crema. Perfect for cooling an afterburn.

#14-The Blasphemer
On the other hand, vegetarian chili had a smaller than usual showing with, I believe, just two applicants. This was for Blasphemer, the winner of the Vegetarian contest.

#18-Chili Five-O Hawaiian Heat
Pineapple and bacon. I repeat, pineapple and bacon.

#20-Oh God No
My personal favorite was the Oh God No, an arepa smothered in pulled pork chili and topped with slaw.

#28-Mama's Kick Ass Chili
And the grand winner of it all, George Motz's "Mama's Kick Ass Chili" complete with a nacho. Mr. Motz said he was inspired after judging the Lamb Takedown in October and wanted to try his hand with his mother's chili. Could a "Chili America" be formulating in his brain? I hope so.

The Chefs
And the winners:
Third Place-#9, Chili Heaven
Second Place-#7, Shawty Fire
First Place-#18, Hawaii Five-O

#28-George Motz Wins!!
Peoples Choice:
Third Place-#11, Brisk Autumn Chili
Second Place-#7, Chili Heaven
First Place-#28, Mama's Kick Ass Chili

The next takedown will be big, folks. Cookies! COOOOOOOOKIIIIIEEES! December 20th, Bell House, 5pm. Tickets available very soon.