Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Developments at the Woorijip Noodle Bar

Hello Kimchi!

With the weather getting colder, I'm getting into soup mode. Last week, when the soup craving hit I decided to make a trip to the Noodle Bar at Woorijip and I noticed some new developments...


1) The Noodle Bar is now closed on Mondays. Their hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9:00am until 8:00pm, with a break between 2:00pm and 3:00pm.

2) The Noodle Bar now takes CASH ONLY. In the good old days you used to be able to pay for your soup up at the main cash register where there's a line that does credit cards. Now you must pay at the Noodle Bar and they only take cash. Fortunately there are plenty of ATMs in the area--Citibank is just a couple doors down.

3) The Noodle Bar doesn't take the the Woorijip stamp card. They have their own card at the Noodle Bar. Each soup earns you a stamp. After 10 stamps your 11 soup is free. While you won't earn stamps towards Woorijip themed prizes, the payoff comes quicker (most of the "good" prizes from Woorijip go for 2 cards worth of stamps with 20 stamps per card and each stamp being worth $5, that means it will take $200 of investment until you see your reward. With the soup card, you get your freebie much quicker.

4) New soups spotted on the menu. Vegetable Dumpling Soup. Flat Noodle Soup with Spicy Chicken. Another day I dropped by I saw a Kimchi and Pork Dumpling Soup. Yum. The menu usually includes some standards like their vegetable Udon, a Spicy Ramen and a Kimchi Stew with Pork, Spam, hot dogs and rice cakes, but if you're interested in trying some of the special soups, you're best bet is to get there early. When I dropped by at close to the 2:00pm break time last week they were all out of the vegetable dumpling and flat noodle soup with spicy chicken. Lesson learned, the early luncher gets the noodles.


12 W 32nd St, New York 10001
Between 5th Ave & Broadway


Steve said...

i wasn't that impressed when i came here a couple weeks ago. most of the "soups" are just the mass produced ramen packs that they just heat up for you.

i'll stick with the kimbap and other goodies up front.

Brownie said...

The #1 Spicy Ramen is basically a ramen pack doctored with egg, scallions, and Korean spices. If you're looking for Japanese ramen, it's definitely not going to satisfy. I never make packaged ramen at home, so sometimes I'll go for it. Reminds me of college. ;)

The other soups are Korean broth based and menu depends on what they have. As far as I can tell the #7 is their kimchi and pork stew plus, SPAM, hot dogs, and rice cakes.

I haven't tried a lot of their other soups, I've seen her prepare the vegetable one with lots of diced veggies.

For soup, the kimchi stew in the case ($3) is a good deal--hearty, filling and cheap.