Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Travels with Blondie: San Francisco, Late City Edition

Animal Style Cheeseburger
Well, first and foremost, did anyone really think I was going to go to the West Side and NOT get In-N-Out? Didn't think so. Cheeseburger, animal style, extra toast with animal style fries, black & white shake. 'Nuff said, moving on...

Lamb Merguez
My actual first meal in San Francisco was Lamb Merguez smothered in apricot fig chutney and topped with arugula. Odd choice, but I was hungry and Show Dogs was there and in I went. From what I gather, Show Dogs is relatively new which makes me only slightly jealous of San Francisco. The focus is sausages/hot dogs, but the menu is full of variety. In addition to a regular beef dog, and the lamb merguez, they have wild boar sausage, smoked chicken apple, boudin noir, and a 49er corn dog. On the side you can choose between barbecue fries or onion rings, but it's the beer menu that also impresses with some notable microbrewery beers. The merguez was spicy, but not overwhelming, some sweet from the chutney, and worth all $7. To drink I had my first taste of 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat, a very light, but not flowery wheat, I'm searching for it in the city-I hear it's out here too!

Saigon Banh Mi
My other notable meal there doubled as another banh mi education. After the final Foodbuzz meal, the Feisty Foodie took myself and NY Crumbs to Little Saigon to taste test two famous banh mi places, Lee's vs. Saigon. Saigon Sandwiches is the smaller of the two, by far. You walk in, there's a counter, and once the line reaches five, it's out the door. On the other hand, Lee's is a massive space selling numerous Asian and American delights. They had cream puffs, banana rice cake things, shrimp bread, and avocado milkshakes.

Avocado Milkshake
More delicious than it sounds, the milkshake was thick and creamy with a light avocado taste. I imagine a good treat on a hot, steamy summer day. As for which banh mi was better, I'll let Feisty reveal that, it was her idea after all!

Show Dogs
1020 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 558-9560

Lee's Sandwiches
623 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 929-6888

Saigon Sandwiches
560 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 474-5698


Anonymous said...

What did you think of the Saigon sandwich? I know it's popular, but I think the bread is a bit too think and there's too heavy a smear of pate most of the time (and I love pate!). There used to be a place on Taraval that I loved, but they don't sell Vietnamese banh mi anymore. Tragedy. I hear San Jose has amazing Vietnamese, and I swear one of these days I'll make it out there for a full on Vietnamese food orgy.

Siobhan said...

That's interesting, we all thought that the Lee's sandwich had too much pate, to the point of overwhelming almost all of the other flavors. When Feisty posts the official results, I'll be sure to share the link!

Little Bobo said...

Mmmmm. I like cheeseburgers, and black & white shakes. =]