Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Upstate Schools Me in Apple Cider Doughnuts

Free Doughnuts!
A few weeks ago, I accompanied Ginger up to God's country aka past Westchester so that I may meet her folks. I didn't want them to think that the girl their daughter was hanging around with was some ragamuffin. I'm more of a derelict.

Doughnuts & Fritter
They tried to take us apple picking at Altamont Orchards, but we ended up at the wrong part of the farm. Instead, we were at the farm store. Available was a good selection of apples in everything from 2 pound bags to bushels, a good amount of fresh vegetable produce, and a plethora of food products-maple syrup, jams, preserves, mixes, enough to make me go broke. But this wasn't all, they had a bakery section offering cakes, pies, fritters, and most importantly, apple cider doughnuts. Best part-any doughnuts that didn't come out right, you could try as a free sample. Cue the image of Homer Simpson-like Blondie complete with drool. Had I not received dirty looks from the bakery girls, it could have very easily turned ugly. Especially because the doughnuts were so good. Better than ANY I've had in the city, warm, sugary, appley, I'm drooling again.

Apple Cider
The cold fritter paled in comparison, but I did get some warmth from the hot apple cider-though Ginger boasted she could make better.

Altamont Orchards
6654 Dunnsville Road
Altamont, NY
(518) 861-6515


Cakespy said...

Ha! "God's Country". I love that. And I love apple cider doughnuts--I will grudgingly admit that while I generally believe that bad things happen when you leave the city, apple cider doughnuts are at least one good thing that is better out in the country.

The Girl with the Book said...

They look so yammy :P